Hilti Authorised Distributors


Just as every single Hilti drill bit comes off the assembly line perfect every time; we expect that local customer interactions with Hilti distributors is perfect every single time throughout the world. This requires teaming up with a company that can deliver on this in their market.


selecting hilti distributors 

We have a strict selection process, and some of the requirements are indicated below: 

§   Hilti distributors have experience serving the construction professional in their market

§   They live the same corporate culture with similar values as Hilti such as Integrity, Teamwork, Courage and Commitment

§   They strive to be a premium service provider

§   They have sound finance and business acumen

§   They are ready to partner with Hilti and commit to make investments that are required to better serve customers



Hilti work closely with its distributors and support them in improving customer experience.

Among other activities:

§   Hilti help distributors get the right products in stock

§   Hilti provide regular training to local sales and marketing teams to ensure best-in-class customer support

§   Hilti perform regular audits of distributors’ repair setups to maintain professional tool service

§   A regional PMO also supports local sales and engineering teams with design requests 

Any question or concerns about our distributors? Please email us at HiltiPartnerOnlineHelpdesk@hilti.com

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