Straining Wire Kit

Features & applications


  • 1x Cordless rotary hammer TE 6-A 22 and 1 x Quick-release chuck packed
  • 2x Battery pack 22 volts 5.2 Ah and 1x Battery charger C 4/36-350
  • 1x Hammer drill bit TE-CX 10mm diameter 170mm length
  • 1000x Stud anchor HSA M10x98
  • 1000x Eye nut M10 zinced


  • Cordless solution by means of expansion anchor for installation of straining wire, lifelines, bellwire, vent brattices, signage, electric panels and junction boxes into rock and concrete

Product information & prices

Item Number Name # of items in Package Package Price
Mining-Combo-1 Straining Wire Kit -

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Technical data

  • 2 year no cost repair for the TE 2-A 22 Volts